PAX Australia 2018 build now available

Hi folks

We have just completed a successful showing of the latest demo of Level Squared at PAX Australia. We had a bunch of people come past our booth and check out the game, and it was great to see so many people enjoying the fruits of our hard work over the last year. 

However, we are well aware that Melbourne, Australia isn't really the most accessible place in the world, so we've decided to make the PAX Australia demo free to download here for anyone who wants to try it out!

So whether you played Level Squared at PAX Australia and want another go, or you weren't able to make it, but you still want to get some Squared Goodness (TM) - we've got you sorted. 


2018 PAX Australia build 89 MB
Oct 30, 2018

Get LVL² - Level Squared

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