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LVL² is a minimalist puzzle platformer in which the player can use a projection ability to manipulate the size and position of objects relative to their own.

In LVL² you need to think inside the box.

As you jump around with an electric burning heart you’ll project blocks
and change reality to solve the puzzles in your world.


  • Players control a square with a beating square heart through a minimalist environment.
  • Main mechanic is projection; players can select objects to project, clone, move and place elsewhere within the level.
  • The player can use their projection ability to alter the size and position of objects within levels relative to their own size and position.
  • There are entire levels within some blocks. In order to solve a puzzle, the player will need to dive into the inner level, complete it (as well as any other levels that are inside) and return to the original level with the ability to continue.
  • Features a layered electronic future bass soundtrack with minimalist and chiptune influences.
  • As the player progresses through levels and solves puzzles, the world is infused with colours and sounds changing from a drab colourless world to one pulsing with light and colour.


LVL² is currently under development and is expected to enter a full release in 2018. This slice of gameplay was presented at PAX Australia in November 2017 and is intended to give an experience of the game. Please stay in touch if you want to be made aware of the full release. 

Install instructions

LVL² is available as a .zip file. Unzip the file to extract the game .exe and a folder of required files. Store these two together. 

Simply run the .exe to begin the game. 

Playing with a controller is *highly* recommended. There are keyboard controls, but the tutorial explains the controller inputs. 


LVL2_26-10-17.zip 58 MB


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Great game! What are the controls for keyboard though? 

I really want to play the rest of it but i can't because i can't figure out how to use projection

This is a fun game. Very juicy. Very well designed puzzles. I look forward to the full release! :)

Congratulations on your award!